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PraxisLIVE v5

rethinking general purpose and creative coding

PraxisLIVE is a hybrid visual IDE for live programming - a nodes and code system providing the benefits of both visual and textual coding, while aiming to counter some of the deficiencies of both. PraxisLIVE began as a tool for creative coders, but has broadened to embrace more general purpose programming, while retaining access to features for creatives.

PraxisCORE is at the heart of PraxisLIVE, a modular real-time recodeable actor system. It can be used via PraxisLIVE, for exporting standalone projects, as a command line tool, or as individual libraries. Supporting distributed processes and hot code reloading at all times, it brings aspects of Smalltalk, Erlang and Extempore to the Java platform.

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All of PraxisLIVE is free and open-source. PraxisCORE is free to use in open-source and commercial projects. Development is supported by Codelerity Ltd., who can also provide commercial support and custom development.

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Primary features

...imagine combining the best of Java or Processing with the best of visual node-based systems like Node-RED; imagine components defined as code fragments, so you're never constrained by what comes built-in; imagine forking components or creating new ones all while your project is running...

  • Real-time processing. Forest-of-actors architecture for low-latency, data processing, media & embedded. Optional graphics module with support for Processing, GStreamer and OpenGL. Optional audio with Pipes and JACK.
  • Intuitive graphical patching. Node-based actor graph editing for fast visual project building. Drag & drop components, draw in connections. Edit everything live - instant feedback without interrupting flow.
  • Extend at runtime. Fork components on-the-fly, or create new ones from scratch, with real-time code reload. Integrated live Java editor and compiler. Export and share, or import from a growing library.
  • Distributed by Design. Built from the ground up for working with multiple pipelines using a distributed architecture. Option to run projects transparently across processes or machines.


Getting started

Visual project building

Code editing

Built-in components

Advanced usage

Contact / support

Support is available through the PraxisLIVE website, and the mailing list & chat.

Please report bugs or make features requests on the issue tracker