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Shared code

PraxisCORE supports shared, rewritable code across components within a single root (eg. within one graph). Sources for shared code are stored as a map property on the root component. All shared types are in the SHARED package. Data ports can pass shared types between components.

Every time you edit and save a shared code type, all dependent components using any shared code will be recompiled and updated atomically. If a code edit or type deletion causes a compilation error in the shared code or any component, the old iteration of code will continue to be used.

Updating the code of a component using shared code will not cause other components or shared code to be recompiled (components continue to be isolated in separate classloaders that have the shared code as a parent).

Using shared code

To access the UI panel for shared code, right-click on the graph background and toggle Shared Code.

To create a new shared code type, right-click on the SHARED folder and select New Type.... The name must be a valid Java type name. A class will be created by default and opened in the editor. It can be changed from class to interface, enum, etc. if required.

Shared code files are plain Java types, and have none of the default methods or imports that components have.

To access shared code from a component's code, add an import - eg.

import SHARED.Foo;
import static SHARED.Utils.*;

You can CTRL-click any shared code type or method to open it in the editor.


Just like with normal component code, saving the code updates the components in memory - make sure to save the graph or project to disk!