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The latest PraxisLIVE release can be downloaded from Details of each release and changes included are on the Github release page.

Platform-specific packages are available for Windows, OS X and Linux. There is also a cross-platform Zip bundle.

System requirements

PraxisLIVE packages for Windows, Linux and macOS include their own copy of OpenJDK 11. Those using the plain zip download need to ensure they run with a Java 11 or higher JDK.

GStreamer 1.x is required for video capture and playback. The GStreamer libraries are not included in the PraxisLIVE downloads to reduce their size and ensure you can always use the GStreamer version you want.

Latest recommended download links for GStreamer on Windows and macOS are on the Start Page in the application. Or see


Download and run the installer. You may need to give it permission to make changes to your system. The installer will (by default) create a menu entry and desktop shortcut.

For video playback and capture, install the GStreamer library. Make sure to choose the full installation, rather than typical, if you want to use webcams or other capture devices.


PraxisLIVE is available as a Linux AppImage. Simply download the file, make it executable, and run it. See the AppImage website website for more details and optional system integration utilities.

In the unlikely event you don't have GStreamer 1.x installed and require video playback and capture, install it from your distribution's repositories.


PraxisLIVE is available as a macOS Application Bundle. Simply download and extract the bundle from the archive.


You may need to right-click and open the application, or otherwise adjust Gatekeeper settings, to get the application to run on first launch.

For video playback and capture, install the GStreamer library.

Zip bundle

A cross-platform Zip bundle is also available. This can be used if you cannot or do not want to install PraxisLIVE on your system, or wish to use the application with an alternative JDK.

To use the Zip bundle, unzip the archive to a suitable location, then run praxislive (Linux / macOS) or praxislive.exe (Windows) from inside the bin directory. Make sure you have a Java 11+ JDK installed and set as the default.