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Third-party libraries can be added to projects for component code to utilise. Libraries can be added as local *.jar files, or by linking to libraries from a remote repository (eg. Maven Central). Dependencies of remote libraries will be automatically resolved and included.

To manage libraries configuration, right-click on the project root node in the Projects tab, select Properties and use the Libraries section of the project properties.

Libraries can be added even while a project is running. For technical reasons, libraries can currently only be removed when the project is inactive.

Import a local JAR file

To import a local JAR file, use the Import button in the libraries configuration. Any files selected will be copied into the project folder, and all JAR files added to the project classpath.

Add a remote dependency

To add a remote dependency use the Add button in the libraries configuration. These dependencies are referenced using a Package URL or PURL. This is a concise format that also works with various aspects of the existing library support that expect URIs.

A Maven PURL has the following format :


The PURL for any library can be found in searching at eg. the PURL for is pkg:maven/org.apache.commons/commons-lang3@3.11

Only pkg:maven PURLs are supported at present, and query parameters are not yet supported.

The Maven dependency resolution is currently based on Apache Ivy. Cached dependencies are stored in the default (~/.ivy2/cache) location.