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Example projects

After installation you may want to check out some of the example projects to make sure PraxisLIVE is working correctly and check out some of its features.

The Examples section on the Start Page of the application will install the examples as templates you can use, or you can download manually from

Running examples

  • Ensure the examples are installed.
  • Open the new project wizard using the New Project button in the main toolbar.
  • Browse the available example templates and select the one you want to try; click Next.
  • Select a project name and location; click Finish to create the new project.
  • Highlight the project in the Projects tab, then click Run in the main toolbar.
  • When running you can open / edit the various (*.pxr) files that make up the project.
  • To stop the project, use the Restart Hub button.
  • Make sure to restart the hub before trying to run another project!