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Main interface

The image below outlines the default window layout. PraxisLIVE uses a typical MDI interface, whereby components and documents being edited are encompassed within a single main window. It is possible to drag components around the interface or un-dock them into a separate window. Any changes you make will be persisted – if you want to reset to the default layout, use the Window / Reset Windows action in the main menu.

Main window layout


Six common actions have buttons in the main toolbar.

  • New Project

Start the new project wizard.

  • Open Project

Open the project browser allowing you to open a pre-existing project. The project will open in the Project tab, but will not be run.

  • Save File

Save the file currently being edited. NB. it does not save the entire project.

  • Clean (stop) Project

Clean the selected project. All roots will be stopped and processes shutdown. A dialog will be opened giving the option to save any associated files first.

  • Build Project

Build the selected project. This will install any root components in the hub (so they can be edited), but will not run them (play audio, video, etc.)

  • Run Project

Run the selected project. This will build the project (if necessary) and then start all roots set to run automatically.

Projects / File browser

The Projects tab provides an interface for opening and managing projects. Projects are shown in a tree-like structure giving access to all the user-editable files that make up a PraxisLIVE project.

The File browser tab provides a mechanism for browsing the local file system.

Hub manager

The Hub Manager tab provides an overview of the roots running within the PraxisLIVE hub.

The LED icon to the left of the root ID shows whether a root is running or not. Individual roots can be started or stopped by double-clicking.

Properties / Palette

The Properties tab provides a way to view and edit the properties of the currently selected item(s), such as a file in the Projects tab or a component in the the editor.

The Palette shows the range of components that may be added to the root file currently being edited. The Palette tab will only show up when a relevant file is open for editing.

Options / Settings

The Options window can be opened through the Tools menu in the main menu bar. It provides the ability to set common global preferences such as update checking, keyboard shortcuts, GStreamer location, etc.