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PraxisCORE command line launcher

The PraxisCORE command line launcher can be found inside the praxiscore/bin folder inside PraxisLIVE. The launcher is used by the IDE for launching projects and child processes. The PraxisCORE distribution can be copied from inside the IDE, or downloaded separately. It can be used for launching projects from the command line, creating additional network processes, and for creating standalone executable projects.

If you're using the Linux AppImage, PraxisCORE can be launched by passing praxis as the first argument to the AppImage file.

./praxislive-5.0.0-x86_64.AppImage praxis --port auto 

Use --help to see the full range of arguments available.

To create a standalone project just copy the bin and mods folders from PraxisCORE into the project folder. Optionally include a JDK in a jdk folder. The launcher files inside bin can be renamed to whatever you like. The launcher will find and run the project.pxp file automatically.